A Hundred Books in a Year?


Sure, why not?

(That would be reading a hundred books, NOT writing that many!)

I can do this; I love to read. What writer doesn’t? If you’re on Goodreads, you can join in the fun, too. Read a hundred books, review them on Goodreads (where all the smart folks go!), and just have fun with it. I may even read more than a hundred. What a rebel I am.  🙂

When it comes to reading, I jump all over the place. I go for horror, sci-fi, vampire and werewolf stories, romance, erotica, paranormal, and I’ve just started reading steampunk. I’ll read Young Adult if the spirit moves me. Reading multiple genres can only help you if you’re a writer. Reading what you don’t write is astonishingly beneficial, too.

So, whip out those Kindles and Nooks. Set up your E-Readers and go for it. That’s what I’m going to do.

Happy reading, my friends!


About charchaffin2011

Writer and Senior Acquiring Editor
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One Response to A Hundred Books in a Year?

  1. I’ve gotten into steampunk over the past year. Love it!

    Great blog, Char. I think I’ll stick with two books a month, though. With my schedule, that seems doable. 🙂

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