A New Year and a New Blog!

Well, so far I’ve input the title of this post. That was ten minutes ago. I sit and look at the screen, wondering what to type next.

It’s not that 2011 was a dull year for me, because it wasn’t. Far from it, in fact. In the past twelve months, I attended my first RWA National conference, got my first novel published and became a first-time grandmother. I really do have a lot to talk about. I’m still in a bit of shock over the book and the grandmother status, for both seemed like such long-shots.

My daughter Sue Ann and hubby John had been trying for years  to have a baby, and just when they’d resigned themselves to not having their dream realized, Sue Ann found out she was pregnant. Seven months and a three-week-early delivery later, here comes Faith Charlene Denny, in all her preciousness, born on October 6.

Pretty adorable, huh? We like her.  ::understatement::

While awaiting Faith’s birth, I realized another dream: getting published. My debut novel, Promises to Keep, was contracted by Soul Mate Publishing, and was released on November 16. This was the very first novel I ever wrote, the one I worked on and agonized over for years.

I still pinch myself, sometimes. ::another understatement::

Funny how you can meander for years, going about your business, living your life. Out to your job, back home; children, pets, dinner, laundry. Working on goals, a lot of wishing, hard work to make those wishes come true. When you least expect it, when you’ve done the resignation thing… IT happens.

And IT changes everything. A blessing, a realization, Divine Intervention, dumb luck. Whatever the mode, the goal and the dream you gain makes you believe again, where you might have been slipping a little. Small goals, larger dreams, it doesn’t matter. They’re all miracles, once they find their way to you.

2011 was like that for me. Now I’m wondering what 2012 will bring. It’s a big question mark, isn’t it? I can’t predict it; I can only plan for it. And plans so often go completely awry. Yet plan, I will. Because you never know what any given year will bring.

What did 2011 bring to you? I hope it was wonderful.

Gee, guess I found enough to type, after all.    🙂


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10 Responses to A New Year and a New Blog!

  1. Congratulations on getting your first novel published, I’m guessing that 2011 was an exceptional year for you. Let’s hope that 2012 continues in that vein.

  2. Congratulations on the book, and super congrats on the grandbaby, Faith. She’ll enrich your life.
    2011 was good to me also. I sold my first novel, The Green Eyed Doll. No release date yet, but I’ll remember 2011 as my break through year!

  3. Yay, Char! Keep it up!

  4. Nice blog, Char. Congrats on all the wonderful thing 2011 brought you. I know 2012 will be just as amazing.

  5. calliehutton says:

    Hey Char,
    Your grandbaby is absolutely adorable, but of course you know that. Congrats once again on your book. Best of luck and success in the new year.

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