Works-In-Progress: Just the Way You Are

Belinda and Tim are a couple. Well, sort of. They’re also both very overweight. Tim wants to advance the relationship into intimacy; he’s ready. They have chemistry between them, but body image is becoming more and more important to Belinda—and she doesn’t want Tim to see hers. Neither does she want to see his, though she feels that she could love him. And if she does, then what he looks like shouldn’t matter. Should it?

All Tim wants is someone to love, who loves him back. Belinda could be that person for him. But before Belinda will commit to anything, especially intimacy, she wants them both to lose weight. She’s thinking about her looks. Tim is thinking more about what his doctor told him: ‘Lose weight, or else.’ Both begin what will become an odyssey to get thin, healthy—and attractive. But what if, when you finally get the body you want, it doesn’t make you happy?


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